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    a couple suggestions for the server


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    a couple suggestions for the server

    Post  Arthur on Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:54 am

    Hiya Killa!

    First off,i like the server alot and have played a couple classes to full gear now.
    And there lies the problem,once ur full gear theres nothing left to do since u can pwn any zone on the server with #aggrozone.

    So heres a couple things that need to be hit with the "nerf stick" or added:)

    1.Remove or lower skill bonusses on items i.E +45% offense/Riposte etc etc
    2.New content:-Higher mobs with high stats
    3.2 handed weapons are kinda missing from the custom ones
    4.#fz aka findzone,some people requested that,would be nice if u could add
    5.Ldon in EF SRO NRO and EC need higher lvld mobs
    6. custom gear on those ldons:)
    7.HP bug is still there,my warrior Vidi had it after hitting 1.5million hp and removing some gear he went negative HP
    Ok thats it for now,this is not a request jsut a wish list,if u need help on anything let me know:)

    Arthur,Antonio,Vidi,Marshall and others

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