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    A Few Things?


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    A Few Things? Empty A Few Things?

    Post  Dafurbear on Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:52 am

    First off love the server it's a fun escape when I'm bored with the main server i play on so thank you for your time in developing it. Only have a few suggestions on improving it.

    PoTime is supposed to be a raid zone and some of the mobs are one shotable including some of the mobs in P4 like Saryrn and the other Gods. How about thinking about bumping up the Hp and dmg output on them up to quarm like what you did with quarm? And maybe lower some of the trash HP a bit some of the trash has more hp then even the gods do it seems like.

    I'd also like to see a more variety of weapons and armor then just the Rhodium stuff i've seen some and have gotten some of it but the pieces are very few and far in between..

    Would LOVE to see more of a time sink quest then just kill 100 here and kill 100 there and make it fun. Maybe a "raid" to kill something for some "killa" item somewhere idk or some quest or reward for killing quarm? no clue im not a developer but don't mind giving ideas just would love to have more things to do on the server then just farm the same stuff over and over again....

    overall great server wouldn't mind seeing some new stuff though Smile

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